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Knowledge base: Error Messages
Timed out waiting for a response from the host computer


During the connection attempt, no response was received from the specified IP address, even to reject the connection.


This error usually indicates a misconfigured router or firewall. If you are running any firewall software on the VNC® Server computer, please either disable it or configure it to allow access on the port VNC Server is listening on. More Information.

You should also check your port forwarding rules to ensure that you are forwarding the relevant port to the correct internal IP address. More Information.

Finally, you should check that you are entering your router's external IP address when connecting with VNC Viewer.

You can test if VNC Server is accessible externally by right-clicking on the VNC Server system tray icon and clicking Information Center > Diagnostics > Test Direct Connection.

From here, you can also see your router's external IP address.