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Knowledge base
What's changed on the Downloads page in VNC Connect 6.2?

From VNC Connect 6.2.0, VNC Viewer is no longer bundled with the VNC Connect download. VNC Connect now consists of just VNC Server and supporting programs, for computers you are licensed to control.

VNC Viewer is freely available from its own Download page for any number of devices you want to exercise control from, on any platform.

Windows installation changes

Under Windows, you can now pass any MSI flag directly to the VNC Connect executable at install-time. InnoSetup flags are no longer supported. For example:

Operation Old InnoSetup flag New MSI flag        
Enable automatic update checks
(and suppress user prompt)
Send anonymous analytics
(and suppress user prompt)
Exclude VNC Printer Driver /NOPRINTERDRIVER ADDLOCAL=FeatureServer,FeatureMirrorDriver
Exclude VNC Mirror Driver /NOMIRRORDRIVER ADDLOCAL=FeatureServer,FeaturePrinterDriver
License VNC Server
(Enterprise only)
Install silently /VERYSILENT /qn
Install without rebooting /NORESTART REBOOT=ReallySuppress

Mac installation changes

Under macOS, VNC Viewer is now a DMG file that you 'install' by dragging it to the Applications folder.